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5 Best Glass Fidget Spinners Under $20 : May 2017 Review

Bored of playing superannuated & not so cool fidget spinners? Then you have landed on right place coz here we are going to unleash some brand new glass made fidget spinners which are selling like hot cakes in market right now.

Not many guys are aware of such kind of spinners so now is the right time to buy one for yourself & make your friends jealous of you!

best glass fidget

Top 5 Glass Fidget Spinners 2017

There you go!

SunnyTech Transparent Spinner

Approx spin time – 2:30 minutes

glass spinnersThough glass fidgets are extremely alluring, one should not forget that they are quite gossamer & fragile. Throw it once on the floor & the game gets over! So I highly recommend you to buy these spinners only if you are extremely careful or you are a rich kid. 😉

Coming to this sunnytech fidget spinner, it is made from Acrylic material which of course, is delicate material but transparent at the same time. They could have used glass instead of acrylic but it adds up the overall weight making spinner heavy which consequently affects spinning time.

Note : You need to clean bearings with alcohol & not with any other oil/grease, else it will result in increased friction.

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