Top 3 Best Wheel Fidget Spinners Below $20 : Buying Guide 2017

Whenever we think about fidget spinner, we imagine a toy with 3 arms and bearings at the center. But this is not the only type of spinner that exists in market. Companies have started producing fidget spinners of different shapes which are surprisingly good and have great functionality.

Wheel fidget spinners are not actually new but many people are still not familiar with this awesome stuff. If you are already enjoying your typical fidget spinner and want to try something new & interesting, then there’s no better choice than wheel fidget spinners.

1. Tiitc Brass Hand Spinner

wheel figetThis wheel spinner has got steel bearings and gives you an average spin time of 2 minutes, although company claims to have 1-5 minutes of spinning time. If you are one of those nerds who loves to play tricks then you should try your hands on this toy. You’ll love it for sure.

Being made of brass, this wheel spinner is durable but lightweight (2.4 ounces) at the same time. Perfectly balanced weight and prim design makes it spin longer and this is what we actually look into the best wheel spinner.

2. Wheel Fidget Toy by Anti Spinner

cheap wheel fidget spinner usa

It’s one of the sturdy looking wheel spinner made for adults. Maybe children above 8 years can use it but kids between 3-7 years will find it difficult to spin as it has 6 cm diameter. Like other premium spinners, this one also comes with ABS material which is durable and can easily survive few drops.

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