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Top 10 Coolest Fidget Spinners You Can Buy Right Now!

Planning to buy a fidget spinner to curb your bad habits or to reduce your stress? Browsed through oodles of stores and got perplexed in choosing the best one? No need to worry, this article will aid you in making your choice of coolest fidget spinner.

Plethora of people are trying to get their hands on fidget spinners. A fidget spinner is a type of EDC (Everyday carry toy) that spins in your hand for up to two minutes or more. It is designed in such a way that its aids in curbing unwanted habits, reduces stress, anxiety and increases focus, attention and calm. It is helpful to people experiencing symptoms of ADHD, ADD, autism, nail biting, addiction to smoking and fidgeting. All bad habits of people are replaced with fidget spinner. Spinners come in different sizes and models and the customers can choose in accordance with their needs.

7 Coolest & Most Unique Fidget Spinners 2017

The product is gaining more recognition due to its amazing features and functions, which has increased its demand exorbitantly. With tons of manufacturers churning out copious of these spinners, it becomes bewildering to choose the right one. However, our well-researched list will fetch you the right fidget spinner.

OW Genji Cool Finger Spinner

I bet, you will fall in love with this fidget spinner at very first sight. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it’s some sort of ninja weapon but then later I realized it was actually a coolest fidget spinner I’ve ever came across.


Not much is known about its built quality & manufacturing technology but I think it’s non 3D printed one. This charming fidget weighs about 35 grams and has almost 6.5 cm diameter. It can be the best gift for your mighty kids, you will not regret the decision for sure.

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Japanese Knife Spinner

This stupendous spinner looks like some kind of bow at first glance. Though it seems to have sharp knife edges, they are actually blunt and can be used by kids with extreme facility. It’s made of hybrid ceramic material which helps in reducing the overall weight.

knife fidget spinner

Seller claims it to have 2 mins+ spin time and it’s the perfect toy for ADHD & autism.

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Leezo Hand Spinner

It is a fidget that is easily portable as it fits inside the pockets. It is having a strong metallic finish and is made of copper. Leezo has used SLA i.e 3D printing technology for its manufacturing which is not so imposing. But if you are looking for really cool fidget spinner belittling its durability then this is the product you should aim for. The outer bearing is a bit prone to corrosion but other than that the product is magnificent. It spins for about two minutes, which is a fine spin duration. The widget is handy and is silent . Whether you are a beginner or a pro in spinning, you can easily get started with the toy.

cool fidget spinners

The beginners can use two finger rotation and believe me it’s fun. The product is beneficial to get rid of your unnecessary habits. It is good for working people and for those who need to be awake during long drives. It is quite helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and increasing the concentration. If you are looking for a fight spinner then you ought to go for it. This cool Leezo Hand Spinner can be procured from amazon.

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Dragon Spinner

It is a six winged super-fast fidget that spins for at least four minutes. With a cool logo and vibrant colour options, it is a striking widget. This fine quality spinners is rather a luxurious toy that is made of brass. Few of its features include caps and bearings with detachable design, fast speed, smooth spinning and good balance. The widget is light and does not wobble.

long lasting spinner

It serves as a relief tool for autistic people and tackles bad habits like head twirling, leg bouncing and nail biting. The product is ideal to relieve your stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it is a widget that can be used to increase focus and concentration. Bereft these, you can simply use it to play and pass your time. It can be bought from amazon.

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Alquar EDC Fidget Hand Spinner

This spinner is a high speed widget with an average spin of four minutes. This fine looking toy is made of copper and possesses ceramic bearing design to achieve best performance. It has removable bearing of two different types, each yielding a different experience. Its copper body is employed by high precision CNC machine with tolerance of 0.01mm leading to excellent balance condition and smooth spin.

best cool toys for autism

The product has special structure for achieving higher speed and less internal consumption. It is an enthralling and engrossing product that curbs bad habits and replaces them by the habit of spinning this widget. You can use it in your leisure time to relieve your stress and simply to enjoy. This beneficial product can be bought from major offline stores as well as online platforms like amazon and many more.

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Metal Fidget Spinner

This finger spinner toy is having an alluring look with its body made of aluminium. If you are a batman fan, then you’ll love its look. The finely designed product possess brass gears, stainless steel body and comes in colourful variants. It has 6 different sides to keep the mind and fingers engaged. The toy is beneficial to get rid of addictions and effectively reduces stress thereby enhancing the mood.

cool metal fidget spinner

It is a product that grabs your attention and takes away your anxieties. It is specifically designed with scintillator, rotator and 6 sides for those who love to click and cannot resist keeping their fingers still. You can also use it to keep focussed and attentive in your work. The product also serves as a great gifting option. You can procure it right from your home just by ordering it via amazon.

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VHEM Fidget Spinner

It is a premium hand spinner that is made of titanium. The spinner can rotate up to five minutes with high speed. It has an attractive shape with exquisite design and precise dimensions. It is light weighted and portable as well as detachable. It is an EDC that is ideals for adults. It makes some noise and wobbles at times but other than that it works efficiently.

most cool fidget spinner

It has plethora of advantages, it is ideal as a stress and anxiety reliever. It is a great solution for ADHD, staying awake on long drives, quitting bad habits and autism. You can use it to increase your focus and interest in your workplace, classrooms and meetings. It is a perfect toy to keep you engrossed. It can be purchased from offline stores or via amazon.

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Sunandy Novelty Gear Spinner

It is a high-speed gear spinner that is designed both for adults as well as kids. It is cheaper than its other counterparts and suitable for budget constraint populace. It is made using superior quality copper and stainless steel. It possesses high speed ceramic center bearing, exquisite design and strong body. The toy is durable with two to four minutes of average spin.

gear fidget toys

It is a light and portable gadget. It has curved shape to facilitate comfort to hand and long term usage. The widget aids the people in getting rid of foul habits, staying awake, keeping focussed, relieving from autism, stress, anxiety and fidgeting. It is also a perfect gifting item for kids and adults who are spinner enthusiasts.

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Starrs Teardrop Tri Spinner

This ultra smooth spinner is lightweight and serves as a perfect EDC that is portable. It is a well balanced tri spinner with concave bearing caps and beveled edges to provide ease to your hand. It offers an average spin of at least four minutes. It offers attractive stunning visuals with tons of lines of light and shapes.

unique spinner fidget

It is easy to operate and is ideal for the beginners. The spinner is great to reduce stress, increase focus, concentration and aids in quitting bad habits. If you cannot rest your fingers then use it to get rid of your fidgeting. This gadget is sure to quench your spinning thirst.

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This list is still incomplete folks! Let me know your coolest fidget spinner in comment section. If it’s really unique, we will add it in our list.

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